We accomplish our mission, in partnership with international Cru ministries, through food and agriculture, clean water, and critical aid. Our partners at Cru work in more than 191 countries in the world.

Food and Agricultural projects help GAiN advance the Great Commission and the Great Commandment by providing credibility, access, and enhancement toward the goal to build spiritual movements everywhere.

Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry


In areas where food shortages persist, GAiN provides children and their families with lifesaving food packs. For a sustainable food source, GAiN provides a variety of vegetable seed packs to agricultural communities.

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Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry

Agricultural Technology

GAiN works with communities to develop bucket drip-irrigation systems for community and family gardens. With irrigation in place, dry areas become more conducive to producing long-term food solutions.

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Did You Know?

Childhood hunger is responsible for the deaths of 3.1 million children under the age of 5 each year.

Poverty, drought, natural disasters, and human conflict account for the majority of hunger issues.

Enough food exists to feed the world’s 7 billion people, but one out of every eight go to bed hungry each day.

Lives Are Changed

Food and Agriculture: Rosemary's Story

Seed packs provided by GAiN changed Rosemary’s life and community, not only by providing food but by introducing the hope of Christ.

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Meals for the Hungry

In places where food security remains low, starvation threatens the lives of many people. Gifts of food packs feed the hungry, sustaining people in times when no food is available.


Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry
Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry

Nutritious meals of rice and soy provide essential vitamins and minerals for deficient bodies. For the severely malnourished, specially formulated potato-based meals can save lives. GAiN also distributes protein-packed rice and bean meals packed by volunteers during GAiN-sponsored meal packing events.


GAiN offers a long-term food solution by giving communities seeds that can be harvested and used for planting subsequent crops. Gardens then become a continuous source of food production without outside assistance.


Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry
Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry

In addition to providing a variety of nutritious vegetables for feeding struggling families in a community, successful gardens generate an excess of produce that can be sold to fund community projects such as school repairs, student school fee supplements, and orphan care.

Agricultural Technology

GAiN believes in strategies that create sustainability. Aid given to a community can make a difference, but life-change happens when communities learn to stand on their own. Gardens and agricultural technology make a big step toward self-sufficiency.

Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry
Food and Agriculture, Meals for the Hungry

Training in agricultural processes helps build successful farmers despite tough climates. GAiN works with communities to develop drip irrigation for gardens. In addition, teaching seed preservation and vegetable drying techniques adds potential for food security.

Relieve suffering.
Restore dignity.
Reveal hope.

Your gift provides lifesaving food and seeds as a sustainable source of nutrition.